Explore the InOutBoard features that can help manage the work status of your users.

With InOutBoard, you can update your work status faster - from anywhere.


Quickly view your work status, announcements, new messages, and upcoming events.

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Change Status

Users can update their in/out work status any time, from anywhere.

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Status Board

View and manage the work status of your users, expected return times and comments about the user whereabouts.

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View and manage company resources, like conference rooms, vehicles, and equipment.

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Create shared calendars to track important events, meetings, and appointments.

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Create messages for one or more people and send via email or SMS (text).

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Use our reports to help with employee time tracking, payroll, and workforce management.

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Getting started is quick and easy. At any time you can customize your locations, departments, teams, and status codes.

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Security Roles

InOutBoard helps you organize your users by security role so they can access the right information.

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Access InOutBoard from any mobile device with internet access.

When users are out of the office, in the field, or even off for the day they can easily update their work status from any mobile device. Simply log in to our site from a mobile device and update your work status. It’s that simple! Other users will then see your updated status should they need to reach you.

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