Keep yourself and your co-workers on the right track, at the right time.

My Calendar

Have your appointments and events all in one place, just for you. Use your personal My Calendar to create automatic status changes on the Status Board. When an event starts, your current status is updated, and when the event ends, your status is changed again.

Shared Calendars

Setup up shared calendars in one place and give access rights to those who need it. Whether it's vacation, PTO, scheduling, conference room reservations, or equipment checkout; company shared calendars allow you to see what is coming and when.

Reminders and Recurring Events

Select reminders to be alerted before an event starts. Have a staff meeting every Monday? No worries! Setup a Recurring event and put it in for the whole year!

What’s your "view?"

Month, Week, Day, and List calendar views available. Show your stuff the way you want! Filter on calendars you are a part of and choose a variety of categories.

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